Meet Mandy

Heart to Hand

Mandy McGaugh of Heart to Hand is a somatic bodyworker, Holistic Health Practitioner, and community educator with over 20 years experience working in the healing : helping field. Through soul centered service, Mandy has facilitated guidance and touch therapy for thousands of people navigating their own personal healing journeys.


  • Somatic Bodywork

    Therapeutic touch and massage, specifically catered to your individual needs as both a treatment and preventative measure.

  • Embodied Tarot

    Somatic~Tarot readings create space for a ritual of embodiment. This ancient form of divination may provide a powerful reflection for those seeking deeper awareness around present day experiences.

  • Guidance & Support

    Guidance opportunities include somatic therapies & coaching services, specifically catered to your individual needs through a variety of modalities.

Online School

Join Mandy through a series of explorations into the innate wisdom of your body.